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Ensari Deri has been established m Corlu Organised Leather Industrial Zone, began the production of leather confection in 1978 and made leather production in 1993 and continue^ its activities in th
Our company started commercial life on the Sites in 1959 by Ahmet OZCELIK. He first served in the field of Furniture and Decoration. Since 1982, Osman OZCELIK and his brothers have continued their activities as Ozcelikler Furniture and Decoration. In 1996 Der-Sa Deri subsidiary was brought to business life. In 1997 our company became Ozcelikler Leather Furniture Textile Construction Industry and Trade Limited Company. Der-Sa Deri continues to provide services to Furniture, Automobile, Aircraft and Yacht Decoration Companies in Ankara Siteler. Always following new technologies and new trends, Der-Sa Deri is constantly updating and enhancing its color charts, offering customers unlimited skin and color varieties with more than 10 varieties and 55 dense color stocks. Der-Sa has made it its mission to present the best quality leather to the customers at the most reasonable price.
To invest on their prior experiences in leather industry and a determined way of overcoming the incompetetiveness observed in the market, Cahit, Murat and Ismail INAL brothers have established DERIMA DERI and have overcome large development and growing period through design, service quality and innovations that have led them to success both in internal and external markets today. We have started our journey in 1999 and we are providing our customers with excellent quality of leather in fields of shoemaking, saddlery and belt making all around the world. We hope to supply our customers with the greatest quality of leathers and innovations as a company. Some main products we manufacture are as follows: 1.) Tanned Calf Leathers 2.) Plated Press Leathers 3.) Earthwork Suede Leathers 4.) Yeanling Suede Leathers 5.) Natural Leathers 6.) Split Sued Leathers 7.) Washable Leathers 8.) Hot Press Leathers 9.) Lacquer and Washed Lacquer 10.)Fur For Shoemaking and Lining There was never a time that leather has been offered to the markets with such great innovations and product quality material.